File Extensions


I recently received an iMac, to replace my PC. However, when logging into my bank account to print my monthly statement as usual, it would not even open up. Do I need some type of file extension download. If so, which one. Thank you
A file extension is part of a file's name such as WordDocument.docx or ImageScan.tiff. Are you sure that you need a file extension? Are you sure that you don't need a browser extension? Many banks require their customers to use a proprietary Firefox browser extension to access their online service. If this is the case, then you need to download and install the extension from within Firefox on your Mac.

If my advice does not make sense to you, then you should post the exact error message that you are receiving. One of the veteran forum members will diagnose your problem and prescribe a remedy.
My bank requires me to verify my identity, if I choose to use online banking from a different computer.
If I get three login failures, the bank locks my account, and I have to call the bank for a password reset.

Does your login work?
Some bank logins use a popup window for the login, and you have to make sure that popup windows are not blocked.
You also may discover that Safari (your OS X default web browser) is not well supported by the bank, and you should try Firefox for your online banking.