file sharring transfer speeds are too slow


is there any possible way to get a mac under any os to transfer faster via file sharring than like 8 k a second? i don't like transfering like 60 meg and it taking 30 fu*kin' minutes.. please someone help.
Since you say that it happens with any OS, the (lack of) speed is indicative of failed NWAY negotiation. In other words, one of the computers thinks it is on a full-duplex Ethernet, whereas, in fact, a semi-duplex connection is used, resulting in horrendous number of collisions and abysmal throughput.

With OS X you should be able to nail the NIC to a particular setting, if it is the one failing to negotiate correctly; if it is the other computer, you might be SOL, unless it has the machanisms in place to do the same.
I transfer 60.4 Meg in 21 seconds via AppleShare, from my 8600 (with 100Mbit card) running 8.6 to my G4/500/DP running X 10.0.3
With 15 applications running on the G4 + Classic.

So you probably has something wrong with your network just as ladavacm suggests.