1. TuckerdogAVL

    .Cleverfiles. What the heck are they again?

    Two years ago I posted about these and have run into them again. I'm getting ready to transfer from a 1TB Fusion Mac to a 512 M2. And I ran into hundreds of these files. Can I just delete them? I'd rather get rid of them now than have some footnote or asterisk or drop down show up muddling the...
  2. TuckerdogAVL

    Transfer ALL the Time Machine Backups to a New Disk? Can it be done?

    This seems to not be as easy to find an answer to as I thought. I have a TM External backup. It's been acting weird, so to be safe I'd like to transfer ALL the backups (back to January) that are currently on that HD). I've read about setting Extended Journaled vs. AFPS; I've read the 2016 "how...