File Transfer Problem Xserver


I have a problem:
I made a direct copy from my old files from my old mac server to my new mac os X server (xserver).
But now i can't open my quark files anymore from the xserver, when i click on a quark file my mac says that he couldn't find the program to open the file. But i have quark installed and when i start quark and try to open a file, it doesn't see the files on the server :(
Other files as .PDF can be opened normally from the xserver.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Help me please?
Have you tried adding the appropriate extension to the Quark files (.qxd, I believe)? AFAIK, Quark doesn't auto-add an extension, and sometimes the resource fork of a file can get lost during copying, meaning the system doesn't know which application to open the file with.

Try adding a ".qxd" extension to the end of the file and see if that helps. As always, try this on a copy of the original file or a backup file if you value the information.