Transfer ALL the Time Machine Backups to a New Disk? Can it be done?


This seems to not be as easy to find an answer to as I thought. I have a TM External backup. It's been acting weird, so to be safe I'd like to transfer ALL the backups (back to January) that are currently on that HD).

I've read about setting Extended Journaled vs. AFPS; I've read the 2016 "how to" (obsolete); I understand the process (I think) of transferring "A" backup folder.

Is there a way to transfer ALL the current backup folders? All I want to do is transfer (clone? migrate? duplicate?) everything that is on the old HD to a new one before the old one dies (We had clicking the other day and I had to jump a couple hoops to make sure it was still working; didn't reconnect yet because I want to try to transfer/migrate/copy/duplicate/clone first.

And simply steps if possible. I don't need to go into Terminals or prompts or c-whatevers ...

Can't I "just simply" connect the two HDdrives, open the new one and drag all the folders into it? Then tell TM that the new HD is the one to do backups to?
Seems simple enough :)
I "THINK" you can do just that, however you'll need to have both HDs going thru your Mac. I also "THINK" you'll have to designate the new HD as the TM backup drive 1st. While both are on your desktop, drag from old to new. This may take quite awhile, so be prepared. Then de-designate the old HD before deleting.
Forgive me if it doesn't work.
HOWEVER, unless you really need all that old info, using just the new HD, alone, do a FULL TM backup.
I assume (doing the full backup) would be by designating a new hard drive and just connecting it and letting Time Machine do a backup? Seems like everything I look at are just partial folder data backups. But I could be wrong (I can never figure out if what I'm saving in the iCloud actually is there between all the icons :)
The initial backup is totally complete (depending upon your preferences) and then the subsequent backups are partials. If, and when, you need a backup or part of the backup, TM will give you all of what you want.
Forget your old HD and start over with the new one and a total backup.