time machine

  1. ChangeAgent

    Time Machine only shows me two days of Backup.

    My MBP (16’ M1) has a hardwired connection to my local network and in that network is a Mac Mini that has an external SSD disk attached to it that is specifically dedicated to Time Machine (the SSD). It has worked fine for years. Recently I needed a backup of a preference file in the OS, and I...
  2. TuckerdogAVL

    Transfer ALL the Time Machine Backups to a New Disk? Can it be done?

    This seems to not be as easy to find an answer to as I thought. I have a TM External backup. It's been acting weird, so to be safe I'd like to transfer ALL the backups (back to January) that are currently on that HD). I've read about setting Extended Journaled vs. AFPS; I've read the 2016 "how...
  3. TuckerdogAVL

    Big Sur Time Machine Backups... time? temp? "just because?"

    I was finally able to get Big Sur on the MacMini (2014). The backup is 713gb. I had to get a different external drive, after having fought for a week with the Partitioned APFS 2T ED that was so painfully slow. I gave up on that one and reformatted the ED that had been the TM B/U with Mojave...