NAS for Time Machine and iTunes server

Paul C

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a NAS drive to work with my mac, iPad and PS3, basically I'll be using it to stream media to my PS3, backup my mac via Time Machine and it will also be used as an iTunes server.

I haven't got a fortune to spend as if I did I'd go for a Synology straight away so I've been looking on eBay for any deal, has anyone ever used the D-Link DNS-320? I'd prefer a 2 bay NAS but if I had to get a 1 bay then I don't mind to start off with.

Suggestions/opinions welcome

Paul :)


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t remember seeing the article Configuring OS X Mountain Lion Time Machine to Work With CIFS (SMB) Share. I think you should bookmark that sight if you go with a NAS that use SMB protocol.

Choosing you NAS is a practice in learning, cheapness and reputation of the device. Plus an import thing is to "upgrade" your home internal network before getting a NAS!!! I am taking about using the latest network equipment like CAT6 cable (getting it at a good price at Monoprice). Plus get a cheap Gigabyte Switch like the D-link 8-Port Switch. This way your HD videos will stream with no shutter/buffering across your network. Then you can get a NAS of your choice.

Lastly most OS X and Time Machine run on HFS+ formatted (Mac OS X Extended) volumes. So for Windows to see and natively format/write to HFS+ they need something like MacDive for Windows. I use this shareware on my Windows 7 partition and it works great (for at least three years now). IMHO you should use this software for your Windows 7+ machines to read/write/format HFS+ formatted drives.

Edit: Lastly consider getting a NAS that has an iTunes server built in.
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I almost forgot. Don';t use the finder to manually move for iTunes Media folder. Use iTunes Preferences, Advanced mini-tab to move the iTines music folder. Just read the article 9and watch the video) in the article How to move an iTunes library to an external drive. Just make sure you always have the drive/NAS share mounted when using iTunes.