Filevault Problem!


Hello! I have Mac OS X Panther, always updating it. It's a Powerbook, 1.5GHZ, 80GB HD, 1GB RAM and I have a little problem. I made the mistake of, um, encrypting my whole user folder (with FileVault), so everytime I get anything I also put it there... So turns out that suddenly it wont do the recovery of memory at the end when I log out of the computer. I click on shut down, then it asks me if I wanna recover memory....and it doesnt. It just freezes right there. I had 14.4 GB left of memory, but after seeing this I decided that it was prolly because all of that info was encrypted... so I made a folder outside my User area (user is yorae, new folder without filevault is called store) so i put about 7 GB of data there, deleting it from the FileVault... and turns out it doesnt want to recover my memory STILL... so now I have about 6.6 GB of memory left and im not sure what to do!

Some help would be very appreciated, thanks in advance!!

Get some sort of external backup device. You can use DVD-Rs (got a SuperDrive?) or a FireWire harddrive (or an iPod). Get all your files over there and reinstall. And never touch FileVault again. I don't know why Apple didn't a) fix the feature or b) take it _out_ of Mac OS X only to return again when it's fixed...
Just FYI, you need at least as much free space on your hard drive as your encrypted home folder takes up (just for safe measure) since a copy of the encrypted image is made during the "shrinking/recovery" process.
Thanks guys! I figured I needed to get an external HD for this issue, I just wondered if there was any other option besides that one, reinstalling seems like such a burden, uugh! Oh well... do you think it would work if I transfer all the info form the encrypted user folder, to the external HD and then delete all the info from the user folder. And THEN decrypt it? All just to prevent having to reinstall (did a buncha X Darwin stuff that I really dont want to have to do again lol).