final cut pro 6?


my friend said she heard at sammy's camera shop from the guys working there that next year final cut pro 6 is going to come out, and it's going to be HD editing that doesn't loose quality during edits... i'm very skeptical cause i didn't hear it here first and she was just describing final cut pro hd... can anybody clear this up for me?

i mea i'm sure final cut pro 6 is gonna come out next year, but according to her it would be a 6,000 dollar hd version...i'm skeptical to everything but FCP 6 came out... the only thing i would think that would make sense is if the filters and such were applied with nodes and not rendering like in shake.... but i'm just speculating anybody got anything?
Nobody but Apple knows. Rumor sites aren't even reporting this yet, so it's impossible to even speculate with anything other than common sense.

A staple Apple product that has traditionally cost $1000 through several version revisions suddenly costing 6 times as much sounds a bit illogical -- in fact, I'll eat 7 rocks if Final Cut Pro 6 costs $6,000 minimum.

About the only logical-sounding thing that your "friend" said was that it will be Final Cut Pro 6 (6 does come after 5, after all) and that it'll likely have non-lossy HD editing (which I think is included in FCP 5, isn't it?).
"Now shipping! Final Cut Pro 6 with non-lossy HD editing for $5999 – pay $5000 more for a function you actually had in 4.5 two years ago!"


It's not even certain we'll see FCP 6 next year already, and I doubt anyone has even heard about it. They just shipped 5 and will likely ship a few minor updates before even thinking about a major release.