Finder Quit Unexpectedly While Using The Finder Plug-in


I am running el captan mac os x 10.11.5 on macbook pro
yesterday I started getting the following message
Finder quit unexpectedly while using the Finder plug-in
It appears repeatedly and I cannot see any icons on my desktop anymore
I tried restarting but that does not help
I also deleted the finder preferences and cashes and restarted but that did not help either

I am stuck and this is very frustrating. Any help?
The first question is did you install anything right before this began?

The bottom line - do a recovery/re-install of 10.11.5
Deinstall the Finder plugin you installed. Obviously the plugin hasn't been upgraded for 10.11.5!

Plus what does /Appllications/Utilities/ see when Finder quits?