Firefox cranky with extensions?


I am a devoted Firefox user who has just switched to a Mac. I am running Tiger on a Powerbook, and of course the first thing I did was to download and install Firefox. It runs just fine as long as I use it in `out-of-the-box' form, but for me Firefox isn't complete without a small suite of extensions (Adblock and Tab Mix, in particular). These extensions work fine for me under Windows and on a Solaris system I also use, but, on this computer, I find that after a while Firefox acts really strangely (address bar is always blank, right-clicking displays a truncated context menu ...). The only solution I can find is to delete my profile and start over. A friend of mine also has the same trouble, so I don't think it's just stupidity on my part. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Some extensions are Windows only.

Give Safari a try. FF is nice on Windows but Safari, especially Safari 2.0, is better and faster on OSX.
Plus if you want to use Firefox (it is slower than the first Mozilla browser Camino) then use the Firefox G5-optimized Firefox.

Now I really like Camino. I like it so well I use CaminoKnight to download the nightly builds. Camino is just a browser that is easily the speed demon of all the Mozzila browsers. It does this by being written in the native OS X language, Cocoa.
It's not adblock as I have that installed, so maybe the tab one? Try disabling the extensions and see if that helps any. I use firefox all the time on two different Macs and have no issues. :)
Although I don't think this is what was causing the misbehaviour (I even got it with just Adblock installed), it turns out Tab Mix is a Windows- and Linux-only extension. I am trying it now with Tab Preferences and undo close tab instead.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will give Camino a try.
Each browser has their good features. No one will ever have them all. If Camino had extensions, it'd be awesome. But it never will. :)