Firefox Hangs My Ibook Osx


I am on an ibook osx v10.3.6 - i started using firefox because i love the tabs option and it runs fast on my system, as well as some other reasons.

the problem is v1.0.6 freezes my computer and i have to end up force quiting, loosing all those lovely tabs i had open.

there doesn't seem to be any specific compatibility issues, it can happen at any time under any conditions - or at least i believe that is the case.

have you got any advice?


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Other browsers that use tabs:

Safari (you must enable it in the Preferences for Safari. It's disabled by default.)
Mozilla Suite

I'm sure there are others, but they don't come to mind now :p

FF on the Mac isn't that great. I would use Camino if I were you. It's basically the best of FF except that Camino is a native OS X application and behaves like a Mac app. It's available at the Mozilla website.


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Add another Camino supporter. As fast or faster than Safari (which is faster than FireFox, at least in my experience). Beautiful interface.

If you're hell-bent on FireFox, try trashing the preference file associated with FireFox... sometimes they become corrupt and can cause application instability. It's located here: