Firewire Unreliable With Tiger?



I recently bought a brand new 2.7 G5 machine. The past few weeks I experienced severe problems with my firewire 800 Vanguard Raid system. All of a sudden my data was distorted and corrupt. Quicktime movies I rendered had some good parts and some distorted parts. Most of the time Quicktime and Photoshop were not able anymore to open the files. Neither did After Effects ('unexpected end of file' messages). Anyway at first I thought that the internal bridge of the Raidsystem malfunctioned. And that still could be the case.

I decided to buy a brand new LaCie F800 Biggest raidsystem.
I use it with Raid 5 (which should be a save way). Today my system froze up and I had to force a restart. After that my LaCie HD didn't't't appear on the desktop anymore. I ran disk utility, but got an error message which said that the program was unable to check or repair the LaCie volume. So I had to initialize the disks again (with loss of data ofcourse). After this, I also got an i/o error when trying to render 1 specific movie to the LaCie system today. Quicktime Pro was also unable to export this movie.

As you can understand I'm really terrified to use Firewire disks at my computer. I'm afraid other units will become unreadable as well. .

Sorry for this long story, but I get the feeling that the first part of this case may have a relation with the problems I experienced today. Hope you can help me out!!!!

Thanks a lot,

There have been reports of the power supplies being faulty with the LaCie Big Disk drives -- symptoms include flaky performance among other anomalies. Might wanna check it out and see if you're affected at or by giving them a call.

Also, I would highly recommend getting 10.4.1 if you haven't already -- and, always, always, always properly disconnect all FireWire devices whenever you're installing or updating your system.