Firmware Update Needed...


I have an O-L-D ::angel:: "Wallstreet II" Powerbook that I needed to repair and installed a "new" logic board on recently... Where can I get recent firmware updates so I can run OS X on it? Thanks in advance!
There are no firmware updates for your PDQ (I assume that's what you mean).

It is supposed to be able to run OSX through 10.2 only.

What problems are you having?
4.1.8 was avaliable for it but not sure if I can still get it... When I try and boot into OS X, it boots into firmware telling me I have a version that is not recent enough...
Firmware 4.1.8 is only for the Pismo (USB and FireWire ports - can upgrade to Tiger) The Wallstreet II, or PDQ cannot run OS X newer than 10.2.8.
What version are you trying to install?
Thanks! I thought there was... as it booted into open firmware when I started from OS X. Maybe another problem...
When you get the open firmware at start up do you see this?

Open Firmware, X.XX
To continue booting the Mac OS type:
To continue booting from the default boot device type:

What firmware number shows up?

When you type BYE what happens?
I have version 2.0.1 and know there is a newer version... I remember checking to see if I had 4.1.8 when reports of RAM problems sufraced... When I had my old logic board, I had version. 3.xx...