First steps to programming in MAC


Hi all,

I have just started work on MAC OS. I have allready developed a C code in windows and would like to port it to MAC.
First of all, I am not sure what IDE must I use to build my code. I heard that MAC 10.4 Tiger comes with Xcode installed, but I can't find it. Is there any IDE in MAC just like Visual Studio in Windows?
Or must I install gcc and gdb for compiling and debugging the code respectively?
I remember reading the Xcode comes installed and a CD comes with the purchase, but this wasn't the case. You'll need to download and install it from the apple developer site. You need to register (free) to access the downloads.

The free compilers are GNU (gcc and g77). You can purchase other compilers if you like. I know that many scientific programmers are happy with the performance of the XLF compiler.

I don't use an IDE, but I believe that one comes with Xcode.

I've not ported Windows code to Mac. I know that moving software from GNU/Linux to Mac is not a difficult process, although you sometimes get stuck on little oddities.

One thing that you're going to want to learn right away is to use Fink to install software. With Fink you can download many of the libraries that you will want to use.

Thanks for all your inputs :)


spb : all those details were very useful for a beginner like me

ElDiabloConCaca : thanks for the link, just what i was looking for