Flakey Safari 2.0 (OS X 10.4.1)



I am having a lot of problems using Safari 2.0 with OS 10.4.1.

I did a clean install then used the Migration assistant to move files onto my Mac.

None of the problems occur with Camino 0.8.4. visiting the same URLs so I don't think that it is the network link.

PROBLEM 1: When I try to logon to the HSBC Internet banking site I get a 'Posix Error: Connection reset by peer' error.

PROBLEM 2: While surfing I often end up with a blank white page or a 1kb .dll file in my download folder. This happens with ebay, ancestry.com and, ironically, while trying to view articles in the Apple knowledge base.

I have tried reseting the cache, restarting Safari and rebooting the computer. Nothing helps.

Any suggestions?

Make sure you did not import a Safari extender program. 10.4.x Safari does not like certain oder plugins. I use HSBC with no problem so it is not indicative of the 10.4 Safari. Make a new user account and try Safari from there to see if the problem still persist.
Right then, first, thanks for the trouble shooting tip of logging in with a fresh account.

I tried it and I get the same problem with HSBC -- server reset the connection, plus the website through up pages stating that there had been a system error at the HSBC end. My first attempt with Camino and I was logged in without a problem.

I didn't have problems with Safari and HSBC until they launched their new look website over the weekend. Have you logged in OK with Safari snce then?

Thanks again.