Flat screen iMac

all the apple monitors are now LCD which might lead to the next set of iMac flat screened wouldn't that be so awsome!!!
Thats what would make a flat screen iMac even better, informed people like you and I would even find it hard to believe. These are the types of opporatunities that Apple likes to have.
If Apple came up with a flat iMac, what would they call it? How about the iPlaque? Of course, then it would have to have a wall hanging bracket on the back.

But anyway, it seems like I'm the only one that would take a CRT over an LCD any day. Why?
1. Cheaper - a few square feet of desk space aren't worth several hundred dollars
2. Better color reproduction
3. Higher resolutions
4. Better multiscan capabilities - not that crappy pixel smoothing or stretching that LCDs do

Of course, in a laptop, where portability is the focus, this is obviously not the case. If only someone could make a lightweight, flat CRT.
The iMac's target audience is consumers. Who buys LCD's? Mostly consumers, and non color specific professionals. The fact is, to consumers, an LCD is better than a CRT. Consumers dont care about refresh rates, anti-aliasing or resolution changes. They worry about how "advanced" there equipment is. To them an LCD is somthing out of the "future". You know, the kind of things they just can't wait to show their friends. Now imagine putting an LCD inside the iMac. Now, many individuals would view it as a cutting edge machine, reguardless of its other hardware specifications. The iMac would once again be somthing worth "showing off". You see, you get the same effect from the superdrive. Now both of them are technologies that most of us problably dont need, but some of us feel that just having one is fun. The iMac owner can say,"Look at this, its flat screen!" his friend says, "wow, Apple's aren't so bad after all" (at least thats how it would work in a perfect world):D The owner of a power mac G4 can say "look i burned a DVD of my home movies!" While he problalby didn't need to do this, he did anyway.

Apple's products sell because of "cutting edge" features, an LCD monitor is a perfect match for consumer level goods. They're in love with the flatness.:)
I Like the way you guys think, but just to put in my two cents; i think an LCD iMac would probally be a mistake . . . The target audience for iMacs are the people who aren't interested in spending $3,000 for a computer Monitor & Tower, so i just think its unlikely that apple would jack-up the price of an iMac to make it look better when they could just do away with those wretched Flower Power & Blue Dalmation patterns! i think sales would skyrocket without those disturbing iMac patterns
I agree with OS X-ite. The LCD is a nice feature, and prices are coming down, but I bought my iMac because it was inexpensive, and did what I needed it to do.

You can actually make your own LCD iMac now. Buy an iBook, plug in an LCD monitor and keyboard. There is the small issue of keeping the iBook open, but you can pick it up and take it with you. :D

I suppose thinking about it the new iMac could be just a docking station for the iBook. However, as OS X-ite said, I believe that this would be moving the product away from the existing market place, and towards the Cube targetted market placed (a cool looking machine, no?). And we all know how well the Cube is selling....

I would like to make a point of saying that Apple would only use LCD's if they could keep iMac's at the same price.
the thing is that LCD screens are so expensive. the iBook is as cheap as it is because of the incredible availability of smaller LCD displays. anything over 12 inches is currently being eaten up by dell and gateway. apple lost their primary suppler of larger LCD's to dell.
an article was released at www.mosr.com
it appears the the next-gen will be flat
it goes on to say how there was impossible reports about a portable tablet section of the iMac
Though its not possible today, think of what a great idea that is!
It seems that our buying folks are getting word that the current iMac will be discontinued in the near future. The rumor mill has it that an announcement will be made at MacWorld in July. It'd be an amazing and swell thing if it really happened and if the price were really great. If it's anything like the one on the acorn site, I'll be right in line for one!


i work @ an apple dealer, and i also repair iMac.

the main problem with the iMac is, that in the lots of iMac, there is so much "radio noice"(from cpu etc etc) inside it, that your monitor isn't stable. so why the hell make something new, if the old thing isn't working fine.:confused:
that's why the monitor is shielded from the internal components.

Anyway, if Apple can sell a portable with a 12 inch LCD for 1299 and make money, then they should be able to make a desktop with a 15 inch LCD for a similar or even lower price. They could standardize all the components in the new iMac because of the space savings from losing the CRT monitor. Who knows, maybe they'll release LCD iMacs but keep a CRT model for the 799 (or lower?) low end.

My 2 cents.
Okay, here is my vision of the ultimate iMac. It has a LCD touch screen that is removeable from the base. The two parts stay in contact through airport. The monitor has its own processor to render the screen from directions from the host. OS-X was built to handle just this sort of scenario.

I can see the ad now. A woman is browsing the the internet on a sexy new computer. She calls out to her husband working in the garage. "Honey, you should see this.". He's busy workin on the car, so he says, " I can't right now." . The woman pulls the monitor off the computer and walks to the garage. "Here look" she says, "its just what we were looking for".
Man looks at monitor showing mechandise. "Great! Let's get 5.". The woman pops a stylus from the monitor and writes in the order information and places the order right there.

Now that would be cool, and I bet apple could do it for $1600 :D
that's why the monitor is shielded from the internal components.

Where, i don't see anything which looks like a shield or something, and the problem is not in the crt, but in the components in the boards, and i don't think it's cheap to shield every chip:eek:
A flat-screen iMac is exactly what Apple needs! Their entire non-portable lineup has been pretty stagnant for the past year, since the Cube came out. New G4 towers (with a new case) and a flat-screen iMac will probably be the big announcements at MWNY.
PassY, I'd be interested to know why you say the iMac CRT is unstable due to RF interference from the components of the mother/daughterboards. Are you seeing RF artifacts coming across the CRT?
all the radio signals (from all high-speed components (cpu or whatever)) disturb all other components (like video),
i'm not saying the crt is buggy (sometimes u need to change videoboards because they cannot work any more because of these radio signal)

but why, only >500mhz iMacs has this problem, because it's just a noise hell in there of high freqeuncy (english is not my best language).