Font issues and Tiger


Sincere apologies if this has been asked before, but I am busy at work and won't get the chance to read through previous posts until this evening at home, so thought I'd ask in the meantime.

I have recently upgraded a few of the Macs here at work to Tiger (from Panther) but since doing so all three Macs are experiencing considerable font problems. And I don't want to upgrade the other 10 Macs until I can resolve this.

Under Panther, running Suitcase 10.1.3, fonts opened fine with no clashes. Now, with Tiger still running 10.1.3 Suitcase, certain fonts can not be opened within Suitcase because it says it can't activate them because they clash with something in the System folder. We have tried disabling as many fonts as we can through FontBook but with no joy. There seems to be no logic as to which fonts clash - for instance I can open FF Din fine through Suitcase, whereas my colleague gets a clash, but he can open Optima whereas I can't.

Would upgrading Suitcase make a difference? I am reluctant to shell out for 13 copies of Suitcase without knowing that it'll solve the problem. Also, how do the latest versions of Suitcase work with Classic as we still need to run Suitcase under Classic for QuarkExpress.

Any help appreciated.