Font issues with 10.4.2 MAC office 2004


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My question is a bit odd, hopefully some of you other ladies and gent's have ran across this one as well.

I work in a call center that has 150 mac's, everything from emac's to mini's. I have a image created that has NFS info and Ldap authentication setup for the agents to use roaming profiles. we have a 50meg limit on their profiles. The agents have a HOME directory that stores their mail information and various other items. My supervisors use MAC Office 2004 and VPC.

Here's the issue: whenever they fire up excel or word for the first time, the application loads about 30meg's of Fonts onto the user's profile in the Documents folder. Is there any way that I can redirect those fonts to be installed into a folder that is found on the local machine?

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bump...really need some input on this guys and gals. Or, if someone know's a site that I can go to that will have information on this type of issue, I will be very grateful for that as well.

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I am not sure about the Professional edition of Office because have the standard version. It installed fonts in /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2004/Office/Fonts . This is standard operating procedure for Microsoft Office to protect itself from users accidently deleting a used font (that is need to run) form their User Library (in ~/Library/Fonts). Don't you just love the way Microsoft tries to protect you from yourself? (note the sarcasm).