For 2008, I wish that Apple...


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Only 10 days remaining before Steve keynote....

Your bet ?

  • There will music at some time... will Paul McCartney play ?
  • We'll have at least two one more thing


iPhone 2.0 featuring 3G, 5 MP camera, open to all networks and supporting micro sd cards (up to 8GB).

More of the 'big' game titles promised by EA at the end of last year.

Films available in the UK iTunes store (been waiting for this for far too long).

And finally, support for my LG viewty!


If they want to make Apple TV something beside the worthless technology it is now let it record network tv shows, I could care less about down loading shows from Apple and having to pay for it.


iPhone 2.0 featuring 3G, 5 MP camera, open to all networks and supporting micro sd cards (up to 8GB).

unlikely. From what I remembered at&t has a contract with apple allowing them and them alone to have the iPhone for 2 years exclusively ( this applies only within the u.s)

Mike Adams

As far as I can tell, virtually no one can use this with a wireless connection outside a local network, which pretty much makes the whole idea worthless


  • adds a hierarchy to the Events in iPhoto (and in the photo browser in Mail, and iApps)
  • accelerates Leopard start-up
  • makes possible to start my mac with my iPod 5G connected (I always forget to unconnect it)
  • starts an ultra-portable series

Introduces an iMac with built-in Blu-ray player and burner...especially now that HD DVD is certain to die!! (See this and other articles all over the net).


I wish they would design their computers rather than feel inspired by the iPod design. For example, in 2005 the iMac G5 was from the creators of the iPod whereas in 2007 the iMac was from the creators of the iPhone. I just need to see the iMac or Macbook change beyond technical revisions.


I bet they have people who accidently send you a refurbished Motorola ROXR phone with iTunes and an iBook Clamshell one of the staff found on eBay.


Ok, so it's a bit late, but for 2008, I wish that Apple makes a pink version of the iBook/iMac.

Now, I should point out, I wouldn't buy a pink computer, but I can think of quite a few girls I know who would be swayed by the colour of their computers. For example - my girlfriend, who recently chose her new phone based on which one was pinkest. (She is normally quite sensible, but just likes pink) She currently has a windows PC, but kinda likes the look of macs, has a pink iPod Nano, and if a pink laptop was available, she'd jump at the chance to become a mac owner.

Interestingly, I don't think apple have ever made a pink computer, not even back in the days of the multi-coloured iMacs...


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I wish...

that when i am in iTunes, and i am previewing a Playlist and decide to enter " Buena Vista Social Club" while in the playlist of say "Mozart" and quickly realizing i am not in my MUSIC library but then click it regardless the Search Field goes blank... I wish it would just hold my request. (Perhaps has a solution but i've not had the time.)


Answers regarding "shake" next outing or if you prefer "next gen" version of, what ever it is called just let us know it is happening or not!!!!!!!


A 12.1" Macbook Pro, or a Macbook with a discrete graphics chip. It's annoying when Exposé doesn't work well with a lot of windows open because of the really poor integrated video chipset.