Force a Firmware Update?



I'm having a serious issue with a Quicksilver G4 Dual 800.

It is an AGP digital audio machine, and I know from prior experience that the firmware should be the standard 4.2.8f1, available as the G4 firmware update.

However, this dually doesn't want to do the upgrade, and the FW is stuck at 4.25f1, which, among other things, seems to love to fry my firewire enclosures and makes it relatively difficult to deal with.

I'm wondering if, in dire need, there is a way to force a firmware upgrade a la bios flashing. I am pretty certain that the firmware SHOULD be 4.28, and if anyone disagrees, please, post it. I just need to know if there's a way in open firmware to force a firmware upgrade to go into a system.

Also, if anyone else has experienced fried enclosures whilst using FW in these machines, please let me know.

You are correct about the firmware for Digital Audio G4s...
But, this G4 is not a DA model, it is a QuickSilver model, and no firmware needed, and no firmware updates have ever been released, other than possibly on alternate logic boards, but no actual firmware updates for the QuickSilver.
I have no clue about the loss of FireWire drives, but this is probably not unique to the QuickSilver G4.