Format when ATA133 card arrives?


Hi folks.

I have a Maxtor 200Gb (ata133) connected inside my PowerMac G4 (PCI). The beast did only recognize 128Gb of it, I guess ata133 is requred, more or less, to gain access to the 200Gb that actually is there.

So, when I get myself a ATA133 PCI card, I figure it will be bootable (and the only difference being ata133), if I connect it, and start it up?

But is there any way to stretch the 120Gb partition wich is there, to 200Gb, once it's available with my new shiny PCI addon?

Needless to say, that'd save me an awful lot of time. Backing up over 100Gb on expensive dual layer discs is (unfortunately) my only choise :(

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The Late: SuperMacMod
A hammer to the drive while laying on concrete may flatten it out a bit and sort of stretch it, otherwise, just what our infamous ElDiabloConCaca said :(