Free Anti-Virus Software


Is there any free anti-virus software for my mac computer?...Mac OS X 10.7.5 I dont want
to have to get rid of java because of security problems... so i thought if i had anti-virus software
it would help any problems...Or if anyone knows something else i can use in place of java? i unchecked
java but had to re check it because one of the websites i go to ... won't let me on without java?.. I don't
know a lot about this stuff... so thats why i'm asking whats the best thing to do.... Thank you for any help
Avast for Mac
Sophos Antivirus for Mac

All of these are free, and there's a couple of other free ones that I have not tried.
My preference is probably Avast, although all share the need to use some of your Mac's resources, and all affect performance in some way. It's on you to decide if that performance hit affects you very much.

If you are most concerned about Java - then don't use sites that require Java. :D
Ok i downloaded the Avast for my Mac... but im having a problem...i'm a computer dummy... after i downloaded it i thought
it went to applications but when i click on it goes to my desk top... then it says...."avast" is an application downloaded from
the internet.. are you sure you want to open it?..then if i click that i get a..incorrect execution path... it also says.. Application
must be executed from/application folder...ok its halfway in the application that why im having a problem?.. if so what
do i do... I'm sorry for being so dumb.. but i thought i did it right...Any help would be appreciated... thank you..
When you download Avast, you get a disk image. When you open THAT it opens up on the desktop.
DON'T double click the avast! app (yet).
First, follow the single step that you can read there - "Drag avast! Free Antivirus icon to the Applications folder"
It's one of the apps that won't run from the image (because it does an install the first time you open it) So, your first step will be to drag Avast to the Applications folder. It will copy to that location. And, it will then work.