Free DVD/video to iPad software, what's your opinion?


Just got an iPad 3 and wanted to convert my DVD collections to it so as to watch at any time. When searching the free DVD conversion software, I found Handbrake first (I know it is recommended by many users) and then I found macx ipad DVD/video converter. It is given away by its developer before Mar.20. According to the description on their promotion page (, this free macx software can convert any DVD and video to iPad as well as MP4 and MOV (seems more functional than Handbrake). But I did not find any comment about this giveaway product. Should I still choose Handbrake as others do or try the free macx product? Any ideas?
Try both, and see which one you like more. :)

I prefer Handbrake.

I had a look on the site you linked, and it seemed odd the registrant for the website listed their address in Chengdu, China. But after some digging it turns out Digiarty is also located in Chengdu, so that doesn't seem out of place any more. As sometimes some Chinese and Indian sites still seem to remind from the Wild Wild Web from the 1990s when a digital cowboy could find all sorts of odd and questionable things in the internet, such as illegal copies.
MacX DVD ripper seems to have quite often these free giveaways. But why not if the software works great and helps it get some more publicity. :)
Lifehacker seems to have a comparison at least to Handbrake. I'd say really the best way is to try both, and see which one works better for your needs. Or why not have both if they both are good?
Right, I will try macx product and Handbrake to see which one is better. Anyway, they are both free, I do not need to pay any cent. :)
In the comments, some people think that Handbrake is not stable enough, just hope that the giveaway product will work stably.
In the comments, some people think that Handbrake is not stable enough, just hope that the giveaway product will work stably.

That's from people that think they can run it on old mac that have little RAM. I find it works best and quickest on my 2008 Mac Pro 9in my Signature). I guess because of the big pipes and dual Zeon Processors. So just make sure you have a modern Mac and at least 4G of RAM and it should run just find 9also make sure you have at least half of your Startup drive blank for cache management.
The best way to find out about the stability is to try out both.
I've never had a problem (as in with many years of use) with Handbrake, and my Macs are not near the latest model any more.
according to your suggestion, I have tries both of the two app. in my opinion, if I just want to convert video to mp4 or MKV, handbrake would be the best. if some one still wants more video formats, macx app is better. Different requirement, different choice.
by the way, after I registered on their site, they sent me a newsletter last week that they are giving away their another video converter, capable of converting many videos to our mobile devices guys, if you still want a free software besides handbrake, you can try.