funny firefox cache behavior


OK, so I've just cleared the cache in Firefox. It's created a brand-new cache folder with _CACHE_MAP, _CACHE_001, _CACHE_002_, _CACHE_003_ in it. I have the cache set to 500mb. To test it out, after I set the cache to 500mb, I quit/restarted Firefox and played a short video off of YouTube. Still no new files in the cache folder. I've just finished hitting a bunch of other sites, but no new files are showing up in the Cache Folder.

That _would_ be (myusername)/Library/Caches/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxx.default/Cache, right? It's the only thing a search turns up; all other folders named "Cache" go to entirely different applications.

G4 iBook, OSX "Tiger", Firefox 3.5.7
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Is there any particular reason that you need to look at the cache files that FireFox might (or might not) create?
FireFox likely makes cache files when it needs to, and not necessarily up to you.
If that's the old version that you have, you could update to the last version that will still run on your G4, which is version 3.6.28. You can download that version here:

Or, get a version of FireFox/Mozilla that is much closer to current versions from here:
scroll to near the bottom of that page, and get the version that's optimized for your own processor.