G3 400mhz - RAM question.


G3 400 mhz

4 available slots.

Specs page states that it uses PC100 and max ram is 1GB

Does this mean I can not use 512 chips? Will the G3 recognize a 512 chip?

If it does, then why isnt the max ram 2GB? Or will it not go above 1gb even if I use 3x512 chips?

Problem is the G3 400mhz needs to run VPC and current 256mb of RAM is insufficient. I want to max the RAM so VPC will run faster.
It will not be able to use 512MB sticks because those are "high desity" chips, not "low density" like most 256MB chips are. The first desktop Mac able to use high density chips was the AGP G4 machine.

1GB is the max for that machine: 256MB x 4