G3 Starts Up..but Programs Do Not Run


mac g3- os9

firend of mine deleted a program, unfortunately she does not rememeber which one, and since then the machine boots up, but I can not run any programs on the machine. What can I do to fix the problem?
Not much without more information... if you don't know what was deleted, there's no way to know what to restore in order to make it work.

What exactly do you mean by "can't run any programs on the machine"? What happens when you try and launch a program? Nothing? Something? Error message? What exactly happens?

Please try to elaborate on the problem -- extremely vague questions can only garner equally vague answers in return.
thanks so much for your reply, Unfortunately that is all the information I was given and honestly I will only see the computer on Tuesday, but I was hoping to have a starting point of where to look to fix the problem. All I was told is that the machine starts up, but when you click on any program it does not load....any ideas?

somehow I dont think that would be the problem...as why would that have changed all of a sudden...but thanks anyhow
It depends on what you're using to launch the programs -- from the Finder, you'd have to double-click. From the launcher, single click.