G4 (Dual 800 or 867) Which One?


How much faster is a Dual 800mhz G4 compared to the 867? I am considering paying the extra $ and just getting the Dual 800, but I am not sure how much faster in the real world the Dual 800 really is.

I do not do any 3D Animation, and do a bit of Photoshop.

Would the Dual 800 really be that much faster...noticably faster?

I think that having two G4s is really cool, but is it worth the $?

So, in the real world, how much faster is the Dual 800 than the 867 when not only being used for heavy animation/graphics?

Thanks for the help,
If you don't want to use X buy single CPU!
If not and you have the money BUY DOUBLE CPU!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 CPU suck under 9! But X is just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D
As the other post implies, dual-processors would make a HUGE difference when running dual-processor-aware applications, such as PhotoShop. Also, OS X takes advantage of the dual-processors, making the whole computing experience a LOT faster under OS X.

However, under OS 9 running applications that AREN'T dual-processor-aware, the 867 is, by my calculations, only 8% faster than the dual-800 MHz version, which would only be running one 800 MHz processor. That's a negligible amount in my opinion.

With the future of Apple's software and hardware, I think it would be a hands-down good move to get the dual 800 machine. I say this because I think that machine would last you years and years, and based upon that conclusion, I think at one point you'd eventually move to OS X... and the dual-processor version would make a world of difference compared to the 867 MHz version.

Here's my plan once I win the lottery: buy a stripped-down dual-800 machine and upgrade it with aftermarket parts. Get the smalled hard drive there is (40GB I think) and add a 60 or 80GB drive as a slave. Get the GeForce2, just because it'll run what I need it to run, and I can always get a Radeon or GeForce3 later on... knock the RAM down to the minimum, which I think is 256MB (maybe 128 now... I remember earlier 256 was the lowest they'd letcha go) and then add 2x512MB chips. That would get me through the year 2005, I'm betting...

I've had my G4/400 PCI machine with 640MB of RAM since the G4s were introduced. I originally priced a G3/450 machine and ordered it and shortly got a letter back from Apple saying that the G4s were out and they were no longer selling custom-configured G3s... so I got a G4 WITH a monitor for the same price... this machine, albeit slow in comparison to the new machines, works absolutely great. I use PhotoShop heavily, and boot back into 9 when I need to -- of course, yes, I'd love a little speed boost, but it's fast, stable, and fun to work on.

My point: if you can afford the dual-800 machine, I say go for it. That investment, I'm betting, would last you 5 years minimum... good luck with your decision! Besides, if you got the 867 model, you'd always be wondering, "What if I had gotten the dual-800?" I did the same thing with my VW -- the guy TOLD me not to drive the V6 othewise I'd always be yearning for more if I bought the 4 cylinder... and I am yearning for the V6 while I putt around in my 4-cylinder...

Nevermind... don't make a decision. There's only one decision -- if you can afford it, get the dual-800.
FOR DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I want double 1GHz!!!!!:p


I switched from SP 450 to a DP 500 and the different is soooooo huge....even under OS 9 when you are running MP aware apps like Cinema, Photoshop, AfterEffects, Final Cut Pro they fly :)

Under OSX....I can do many tasks at once with the DP machines even the app isn't MP aware

ps. I want a Dual 1.6Ghz G5 :p
*If* you have the $$ and are using OS X most of the time, defintely go for the dual.....I bought the dual 800 and love it.....this will last me for years.....
The dual RAWKS, especially in X. And when you can afford it get more ram. I got it with 256 and it smoked, but when I added another gig (only $200), holy friggin smokes, I can't believe how fast it goes. Dual, dual, dual!!!!
When Adobe, and Final Cut get to X it's really gonna be a beatiful day!!!!
I own a 867 and I set up a dual 800 for a company.
My 867 gives me 3,1 gigaflops in the fractal carbon and around 1.1 seconds in the random number benchmark which was posted here.

The dual gave me incredible 4.9 gigaflops in the fractal demo (running the other benchmark is senseless since it doesn't use DP).

I think it depends on what you want to do:
If you have to do a lot of "background" work like 3D rendering, video rendering or something and you need a responsive system, get it.
For anything besides 3D design, audio/video authoring, very heavy graphic design (print format etc.) or as a server, I'd say get the 867 and spend the other money for really good peripherals...

...just my 2 cents... ;)
OS X has really good DP support so the dual 800MHz might feel like 1.6GHz (maybe, don't quote me on this). If you get OS X, get a DP. If you plan on using 9, don't bother with DO because you won't see much of a difference.
For clarification I only use OS X 10.1 I never use OS 9 by itself.

So, theoretically would the Dual 800 be like having one 1.6ghz G4 (give or take a little) all of the time. If this is the case it seems worth it.

Any other opinions are greatly appreciated.