G4 Graphite Tower Slow Boot



I have a graphite G4 400 tower with PCI graphics that has a VERY slow boot. Like 3.5 minutes. It comes up gray Apple symbol, then after about 10 seconds the little circular dangle starts spinning. It will hit the hard drive a bit (judging by the light by the connector), until 50sec or so into the boot. Then the hard drive plays dead until approx 2min 30sec into the boot, a good 1:40 of no HD light except maybe 3 or 4 random flickers. At this point, 2:30 into the boot or so, it'll rip into the hard drive and really start to boot. Once it's up it isn't too bad but I swear my B&W G3 450 with 256 ram is faster than this G4 400 with a gig of ram.

I just logged the boot and saved the pertinent section to my web server at:

Here's some times that seem to be the relevant:

14:08:54 Restart
14:09:10 Resetting IOCatalogue (1:40 until the next entry)
14:10:51 AppleRS232Serial: :)40 until the next entry)
OK, so after struggling trying to figure it out, I resigned myself to the fact it will take 3.5 minutes to boot up but seems to run OK after that. I brought it back to the guy's house and hooked it up. When I attached his external SCSI CDRW to it, it started booting normally. DAMMIT!