G4 returning coded hotmail messages


i gave my mom my old g4 and whenever she sends replys/forwards from hotmail it includes the html and other code which makes the emails impossible to read. this didnt happen when i had the computer. does anyone know what is wrong with it?

How is she accessing Hotmail? Through a browser? If so, I would suspect it's a problem on Hotmail's part, not the computer.
Is there any chance you could get access to the computer and replicate the situation? That way we can narrow it down to a computer-thing, or a user-thing.
this is a email i got from her in a reply...

Ask questions, is it indoor, tame, who owned it?
<BLOCKQUOTE style='PADDING-LEFT: 5px; MARGIN-LEFT: 5px; BORDER-LEFT: #A0C6E5 2px solid; MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px'><font style='FONT-SIZE:11px;FONT-FAMILY:tahoma,sans-serif'><hr color=#A0C6E5 size=1>
From: <i>&quot;doug mays&quot; &lt;dougmays50@hotmail.com&gt;</i><br>To: <i>mommamays@hotmail.com</i><br>Subject: <i>FW: [freecyclegainesville] OFFER: DOG</i><br>Date: <i>Fri, 16 Sep 2005 16:45:59 -0400</i><br>&gt;mom i'm on a mailing list where people give stuff away this one of <br>&gt;for a daschund? just figured i'd pass it along<br>&gt;<br>&gt;doug<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;From: &quot;Pamela and Edmond&quot; &lt;lawisrael@yahoo.com&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;To: freecyclegainesville@yahoogroups.com<br>&gt;&gt;Subject: [freecyclegainesville] OFFER: DOG<br>&gt;&gt;Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 19:42:16 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;MIME-Version: 1.0<br>&gt;&gt;X-Originating-IP:<br>&gt;&gt;X-Sender: lawisrael@yahoo.com<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from n16a.bulk.scd.yahoo.com ([]) by <br>&gt;&gt;mc1-f21.hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Fri, 16 <br>&gt;&gt;Sep 2005 12:47:28 -0700<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from [] by n16.bulk.scd.yahoo.com with NNFMP; <br>&gt;&gt;16 Sep 2005 19:46:57 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from [] by mailer6.bulk.scd.yahoo.com with <br>&gt;&gt;NNFMP; 16 Sep 2005 19:46:57 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: (qmail 86433 invoked from network); 16 Sep 2005 19:46:55 <br>&gt;&gt;-0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from unknown ( by m6.grp.scd.yahoo.com <br>&gt;&gt;with QMQP; 16 Sep 2005 19:46:55 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from unknown (HELO n10.bulk.dcn.yahoo.com) <br>&gt;&gt;( by mta4.grp.scd.yahoo.com with SMTP; 16 Sep 2005 <br>&gt;&gt;19:46:55 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from [] by n10.bulk.dcn.yahoo.com with <br>&gt;&gt;NNFMP; 16 Sep 2005 19:42:17 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from [] by mailer2.bulk.dcn.yahoo.com with <br>&gt;&gt;NNFMP; 16 Sep 2005 19:42:17 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;Received: from [] by mailer6.bulk.scd.yahoo.com with <br>&gt;&gt;NNFMP; 16 Sep 2005 19:42:17 -0000<br>&gt;&gt;X-Message-Info: JGTYoYF78jGmZ8raRpV5yjCw2faSYAYPM2RSznr7HNw=<br>&gt;&gt;Comment: DomainKeys? See http://antispam.yahoo.com/domainkeys<br>&gt;&gt;DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws; s=lima; <br>&gt;&gt;d=yahoogroups.com;b=huPeilhZToxhKpLtuhVyoSYMKANJpSL7qaEpurvDGefV3beUlMBjKpcmsfCXUD3q2z3iPnvzrl3baAqIRlBP8QhrFOqHGJmVOq2HY0nKaV9xK6OKRxBwbeIAYZd7qgn1;<br>&gt;&gt;X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: groups-email<br>&gt;&gt;X-Apparently-To: freecyclegainesville@yahoogroups.com<br>&gt;&gt;Comment: DomainKeys? See http://antispam.yahoo.com/domainkeys<br>&gt;&gt;User-Agent: eGroups-EW/0.82<br>&gt;&gt;X-Mailer: Yahoo Groups Message Poster<br>&gt;&gt;X-eGroups-Msg-Info: 1:7:0:0<br>&gt;&gt;X-Yahoo-Post-IP:<br>&gt;&gt;X-Yahoo-Profile: lawisrael<br>&gt;&gt;Mailing-List: list freecyclegainesville@yahoogroups.com; contact <br>&gt;&gt;freecyclegainesville-owner@yahoogroups.com<br>&gt;&gt;Delivered-To: mailing list freecyclegainesville@yahoogroups.com<br>&gt;&gt;List-Id: &lt;freecyclegainesville.yahoogroups.com&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Precedence: bulk<br>&gt;&gt;List-Unsubscribe: <br>&gt;&gt;&lt;mailto:freecyclegainesville-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Return-Path: <br>&gt;&gt;sentto-13695994-6007-1126900016-dougmays50=hotmail.com@returns.groups.yahoo.com<br>&gt;&gt;X-OriginalArrivalTime: 16 Sep 2005 19:47:28.0796 (UTC) <br>&gt;&gt;FILETIME=[784D7DC0:01C5BAF7]<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;MY FRIENDS ARE MOVING AND NEED A HOME FOR THEIR DASCHUND. SHE IS <br>&gt;&gt;SOLID<br>&gt;&gt;BLACK AND SHE IS 3 YEARS OLD.<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br></font></BLOCKQUOTE>
It looks like YOUR email is the one that's all screwed up, if she's the one who wrote, "Ask questions, is it indoor, tame, who owned it?"

What email client are you using? It seems like you're sending emails in HTML format instead of plain-text or rich-text. Is there any way you can turn off HTML email with the account you're using? I think hotmail is taking your HTML email and turning it into plain-text email, so all the HTML tags and formatting are being displayed as plain-text.

Can you send her an email in plain-text format and have her reply to it and see if it still happens?
i'm using hotmail also and i get emails from other people fine. she has had other people complain to her about her emails showing up like this. so its not me. maybe it sher hotmail prefs?
Have her email it to another email address that is not hotmail and see if the problem persists. Then you can pin it down to her problem or the recipient's problem.