G4 Superdrive Won't Detect Discs


I recently installed several updates and now whenever I insert a blank dvd or cd-r, os x can't recognize it; no icon appears on the desktop. Here is everything I installed before the problem with my superdrive happened:

iCal 1.5.5
security update 2005-002 2.0.0
* 2005-004 1.0
iPod updater2005-06-26
Mac osx update combined 10.3.9

I also tried leaving a blank dvd-r disc inside the drive and then restarted and I got a message saying that "osx couldn't recognize the disc inserted." I can however insert an already burned dvd or cdr and then everything is recognized and it plays fine. I've used the software utility twice to try and reinstall something that may have gotten erased from the updates but this hasn't helped.

This is the second time i've had problems after installing updates. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
I've had this same problem for a while. I have a 700 mhz eMac with the combo drive. It used to burn cds just fine but at some point it stopped recognizing the disks (same pack of disks). It might have been when I went to 10.3 that I first had the problem, but I;m not sure. I checked my cd/dvd preferences and it says it will ask what to do when a blank disk is inserted. I insert a disk and nothing happens.
Hi guys,

I had exactly the same symptoms with my PB and MacOSX 10.3.9. I reinstalled my burning software, i.e. Toast et voila... it worked fine again!

A try won't hurt,.... i guess :)
I installed Toast and it would not recognize a disk at first. After a few attempts it did, but about ten seconds into the burning progess it says there is a hardware error and ejects the disk. I guess I have a defective combo drive. It still plays CDs and DVDs, but won't write. If anyone has any other ideas I'd love to try them. Thanks.
Hey, I figured out a solution! My business partner brought me some TDK CD-Rs and they worked just fine in my machine. I had tried several other brands which did not work. I know some of the disks that didn't work were by Imation (these disks used to work in my machine, I used at least 50 or 60 of them from this same pack without problem, but now they don't work). Some of the other disks that didn't work don't say what brand they are and may have been cheap disks (they do work in my windows machine at the office). I probably used other brands as well, but don't know which ones right now (I've had this problem for about a year now). I hope this info can save some other readers a bunch of time. Good luck.