Garageband Question!


I am not sure if I am asking this question in the right forum. I am fairly new to Garageband. I have a really old audio piece played on piano(from a 70s vinyl record) and I wan't to play the same piece with new instruments in Garageband. I am not a musician or anything like that.. so don't know how to play keyboard etc. Can Garageband or any other music editing software copy that piece and play it with 'my choice of instrument'? If Yes how? Pls help.


The latest version has musical notation. You could also try importing the song into the computer and into GarageBand directly.


I made aif file and dragged it in Garageband.. now I want to select an instrument to play the same piece I imported on the timeline. How would I do that?


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Ah, I don't think GarageBand can do that -- the audio file you imported is raw audio, not a grouping of notes that GarageBand can interpret.

I believe that you'll have to convert the music manually into notes, which you can then have GarageBand play in any instrument.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think GarageBand can interpret/scan raw audio and pick out notes to be played in a different instrument.