Get everything back on desktop and docs from iCloud


Okay, stupid me. I thought that the iCloud was going to work like dropbox and keep a local copy of all my desktop/documents and upload to the iCloud. How do I get everything back from iCloud onto my MacMini. Simply. When I deselect "desktop etc" I get this: Which is exactly the opposite of what I "just simply" want to do. Screen Shot 2022-06-27 at 12.04.41 PMEDT.png
Well, in the meantime, I think I stopped the iCloud upload. Even when I took the computer offline, it kept ticking down. I did this step, then started dragging files and folders back to the document folder on the local drive (Mac mini) I did find a bunch of things to delete in the process so that wasn't bad. The other issue is, this computer's iCloud only offers 50gb and the OTHER computer, the other family computer, has 200gb on it now because we had to send it in for repair. And I wanted the redundancy. So, is there anyway to tell the Apple computers to not attempt again to use the iCloud that is 50gb and to use the other one instead? How do we go backwards? :) In a good way. :) I don't need this 50gb now if we have 200gb that can be shared (It is set up on a different APPLE id). And, just tried to do a "look-see" and got a notice, "you can't manage your storage right now. Go away."