1. TuckerdogAVL

    why doesn’t auto fill work any more?

    Back in the olden days, prior to the latest OS updates, I could rely on auto fill on the iPad by pressing my thumb. Sometimes sort of occasionlly works now. So, into settings, keychain, look up site, highlight, copy, go back, paste…. save…. doesn’t. Back in the olden days, I would click on send...
  2. TuckerdogAVL

    Get everything back on desktop and docs from iCloud

    Okay, stupid me. I thought that the iCloud was going to work like dropbox and keep a local copy of all my desktop/documents and upload to the iCloud. How do I get everything back from iCloud onto my MacMini. Simply. When I deselect "desktop etc" I get this: Which is exactly the opposite of what...