Gigs going missing in OS X?


I'm 1/4 Basque you know?...
Can anyone give an explanation of where my Gigs are going. Basically I have taken up about 1.6Gb so far, but it says I've taken up 5Gb in the info panel. OK so lets allow a few Mb for hidden files and my maths (yes i'm english!). But what the hell is happening?

Or am I just really dumb? Here's a couple of pics to help you guys out...

You know what I hate about the >ENGLISH< speaking world? When i write "maths" and OmniWeb says it's a spelling mistake!!!! lol


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Looks like your maths is working OK.....your screen dump of 'disk use' does add up OK. Is your question "Why do I seem to have a lot of space used up?" You could start be looking in the folders that seem to have a lot of space used, such as Documents folder. Also, looks like you have 1.5 GB of RAM, That probably accounts for all that disk space taken with a hidden file for VM (or whatever OSX calls the virtual mem file. That would be larger than 1.5GB, and is a hidden file......(comment) I see that you formatted with UFS, Apple does not recommend this if you intend to access drive from OS 9 for any reason. good luck on that one. Hey, it's no disgrace to not use English properly, many Americans also don't know how to spell culor properly ;) . Some others can't even spell aluminininium :confused: :confused:
...and so helpful. Esp about the VM file. Didn't think about that! Yes I do have 1.5Gb of RAM (cost me about £200)and I didn't realise that UFS was slower than HFS+. That's nutz!?

The reason I did it, was so that my bros and sis wouldn't be able to fuck it all up, by looking at the OSX partition from OS 9. and, to further my opinion, I just prefer having two separate partitions. (ref iTunes 2 install - DANGER) But I hope they do improve performance as last night it was ludicrously slow.

Cheers for your help and input.
Yeah, I knew about the iTunes 2 thing. I put it foward because it's ironic that trying to be careful and having two partitions was completey the oppposite of iTunes 2.0. I didn't even know about it until after I had installed 2.0.1!!!! which was safe. Lucky for me!

And the HFS+ thing. Nice one son, that's so helpful. I gather all i need to do, is boot off OSX CD select the partition called OSX and install with the format destination selected right, and just back up stuff onto CDRW or even the OS 9 partition, then select destination to be HFS+?

Well I'll give that a try tomorrow. Cool, my most valuable stuff is on 9 at the mo! Photoshop, Office, Quake3, 2Gb of mp3's!!!

Thanks for the advice, mate.

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