Gmail contacts and OS X iCal/iPhone Contacts Info Request


Hi all,

I am looking for more info on how to export Gmail contacts into iCal on Mac OS X and Contacts on iPhone. Specifically, if a person uses Gmail for email correspondence, but iCal/Contacts to view/add contacts, how do Gmail contacts onto iCal/Contacts?

Any links to cross-posts or articles would be appreciated.
iCal uses contacts directly from your OS X Address Book, so you could follow the directions to "export gmail contacts to Apple Address Book"
There would be several different sites that have a method for doing that. Here's one that was the first result in a google search:

Thanks for this. I wasn't aware that Address Book was the main contacts repository for Mac OS X. One followup question- does iTunes (and thus iPhone) sync contact from Address Book as well?

Also I'm wondering if I really want to *sync* (instead of export) Gmail contacts with Mac OS X Address Book contacts. The answer probably depends on the quotes above and if it also syncs with iPhone contacts too.

I got the idea from this link -