Gnu compiler


I'm not well up on Macs - using OSX.

I am trying to install Ghostscript but I think I need to compile it first.

I followed the instructions and added the commands in the terminal window but it gives some message that it cannot find Gnu??

Anyone here able to offer me some help with this?

You need to install the Developer Tools that either, a) came with your Macintosh, or b) Came with your retail copy of OS X.

All the compiler goodies (g++, gcc, cc, etc.) are included with the Developer Tools.

Of course, GNU is an actual operating system... are you sure it's not asking you to find a suitable compiler instead?
Since you don't seem to be too familiar with compiling things, you may want to take a look at fink ( ). It will download, compile, and install things like ghostscript for you.
Hello people, thanks for your replies.

Sorry if my question was a bit vague but I am not a mac person at all.

We recently bought a printer that appears to need ghostscript installed before it will attempt to load any drivers and associated software.

Thanks for your suggestions and I will let you know how I get on.