Gnu G++


I want to install GNU g++, and thought
since Darwin is under the hold this would not
too much of a problem. All I am finding
are commercial packages.
Is there not a GNU g++ version available
for os x
Thanks for the help
g++ is the nickname for GCC. It is included in the BSD subsystem of MacOS X. AFAIK, every new Mac ships with the BSD subsystem installed and, thus, GCC available out of the box. Xcode uses GCC as its compiler engine. The takeaway message is that you don't have to install GCC unless you uninstalled it sometime in the past.
That is what I was thinking, but I am unable to access it from the command line (ie g++, gcc, cc); they all give me ommand not found errors
Thanks for the help
Have you installed the Developer Tools that come with Mac OS X? AFAIK, the BSD subsystem install does not include compilers.
I think it installs with the developer tools, rather than the base install, check your install disks.
Installed everything from the CD-- do not remember seeing
Developer's info. Did include everything I could from the
BSD subsystem, which I thought would include GCC
It wasn't
GCC is not part of the BSD system in Mac OS X. It's not even in your Mac OS X CD. You need to use the Developer's Tool's CD which is a separate CD that came with your Mac. Installing this will install Xcode and GCC, and lots of other goodies.