good bye to os9

Just delete the folder labeled "System Folder" (NOT the one labeled just "System") and OS 9 is gone. Of course, you may want to look through all your apps as well, and delete the ones with their kind listed as "classic Application".
i think 10.1 is fine, i have office 10, so i got my email and word, and i dont like the preformance of my other apps in os 9. I'll just use Photoshop, FireWorks, Draw, Inspire and Illustrator on my Win XP box "sorry but these things smoke in XP and all the image preview tools in the Windows shell truly help" and i i'll just have fun with 10.1 on my indigo iBook :)
ROFLMAO....using a XP to run those???? U must be kidding. U are forgetting the rules of graphic world.
WYSIWYG. PC don't have that. Their screen is 96 while Mac is 72...Why are u complaining it's slow on OS 9...It's fine to me. I don't have problem with the performance. It's NOT optimized for Macs that's why some applications are slow.
If u want to run the graphics apps on Windows XP that's your belief....We don't believe running it on PC....Mac is the best way for US.

i know i know, i under stand how you feel, but i have no probs. i have dreamweaver ultra dev, and i think it just runs smother and more zippy on my Xp box, i have full ata 100 drives and all the bells an whistles an asus mother board can offer. I could not afford the $4000 for a Mac of the same power, i made the computer my self. I will not say im a pro, but i will say i have used all kinds of Mac's and iknow how many people feel, but thats just they way i feel. You must not think of crappy windows 95 , when you think XP and i know im going to get hell for this.:rolleyes:
i hope when i get 10.1 that i can shy away from classic. Cant be rid of it though. To many classic apps yet. Like Adobe stuff. I also hope i can print under 10.1 and burn. That'd be nice.
...and if DVD were supported for my Blue & White G3, I'd drop 9 as soon as I get 10.1 installed.