Good text editor for XFree86

Micah L

I've been really impressed with the capabilities of XFree86 so far, but there is one thing I don't like. Xedit is just too boring. Does anyone know where I can find binaries or easy to compile source code for an intuitive text editor without any really fancy features?
If you don't want something with lots of features (i'd recommend XEmacs in that case) i don't really see any point in using X for it, i'd go for pico (terminal app, very easy to use and fast).

If you do want it to use X, gEdit looks pretty nice. On the other hand, if you go for that you could just aswell get for the real thing, XEmacs.


I highly suggest vi in the console, or vim under Xfree86.
For a simple console editor try pico or joe.
You can download precompiled osx packages of each at along with Xfree, gimp, etc.