Graphics card question


Firstly, let me say I am a total novice when it comes to removing and replacing computer parts, and have no idea of the terminology I should use. I can swap out RAM chips, but thats about it.


My 2008 Mac Pro ATI Radeon x1900 GT 256MB PCI-Express Video Card failed recently, so I bought a replacement, but for some reason I thought I had an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT (I couldn't check which model it was as I couldn't run System Profiler due to the monitor not working because of the faulty grahpics card).

Anyway, long story short, I ended up buying an ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT.

I just opened up the Mac Pro, took out the old 1900 card, unpacked the new 2600 card and noticed that the connections on the back of the cards were different, ie, the 1900 had a socket which a cable from the Mac Pro plugged into, and the 2600 doesn't have any connections other than the card slots on its edge.

Is there anyway I can still install it into this machine? I realise I could just slot it in, but that leaves a cable and plug previously plugged into the 1900 just flapping about uselessly.

Also, do I need to install new drivers for the 2600 card? And how can I do this if the existing 1900 graphics card has failed anyway?

Please help, many thanks!
The short answer about the little power cable:
Some graphics cards need that auxiliary power connected, some do not. If your replacement card does not need the cable, then tie it up out of the way - or simply unplug it from the logic board (follow the wire a few inches to where it connects, and disconnect that cable)

However, 2008 MacPro did not come with that older X1900 XT card, which did come with the 2006 MacPro (which continued to be sold till Jan 2008.
Your newer 2600 card came stock with the 2008 MacPro.
If your own MacPro is still running the original OS X 10.4.11 - then you may need to upgrade to at least 10.5.2 before you can use the 2600 vid card.
More important, the 2600 may not be your best choice. I see a lot of reports that "upgrading" the 1900 to a 2600 leaves a system with poor performing video. There's other cards (some less than $75) that are a much better "fit", and are real upgrades. You can google for those, as there's lots of info to check out

What particular OS X version are you running on your MacPro?
Do your homework to decide which video card will work, compared to what you want to spend.
I was just guessing that your MacPro is an older one, so you really need to determine exactly which MacPro you have, as some cards just are not supported in some models.
You can get some good info from the serial number label near the ports in back.