Grid arrangement in 10.1?


U.S.D.A. Prime
I'm loving 10.1 -- MAJOR speed improvement on a G4/400 PCI w/640MB RAM. However -- one thing I'm confused about -- I've always loved the "tight" grid arrangement for the desktop -- now it seems as though it is gone and there's only one setting that can't be changed!

Am I missing something? My icons are too far apart for my liking. I've got the size where I want it, the arrangement of the icons where I like it, and my desktop pic all set. NOW WHERE THE HELL DO I ADJUST THE ICON/GRID ARRANGEMENT SPACING?! Argh...

Other than that, LOVING 10.1. If anyone's in the Plano, TX area -- the Apple store has PLENTY of 10.1 updates to hand out. I walked in and out of there Sunday at 5:00pm with my copy in-hand. If that's too far for someone in the metroplex to drive, I live semi-close and have friends up there, so I'd be willing to pick up a copy for whomever needs it. All that needs be done is answer my question! ;)

Thanks in advance!
As far as I've been able to tell, that's the best you can do. If you make the icons the smallest setting, then they will be a bit closer together, that may just be my eyes though. ;)

This may be a good thing to tell Apple though... I'll tell them when I send them my weekly feedback (well... it seems like weekly).
It was in 10.0.4? Weird, I don't remember it. I does seem like there were more options in 10.0.4, but maybe that's just because they changed the layout of the get info screen.
Well, it wasn't in the "get info" window -- I remember there being an option under "view options" that was similar to OS 9's grid arrangement -- "Tight" and "Wide" were grid-spacing options...

Oh well, it's tolerable. With all the improvements in 10.1, that's a minor issue for me. I never thought my G4/400 PCI would be usable with OS X again... now it rocks!