Grindingly Slow Emac


I've been trying to repair my wife's eMac for several months, but to no avail. It's a 1.25gig eMac running 10.3.9. Even attempting to open a folder or drop-down menu on this machine launches the feared spinning beachball, sometimes for minutes at a time. As my wife is only using her machine for word processing, e-mailing and web browsing, I hardly think that she is overworking the processor.

I have tried everything that I and OSX Missing Manual can think of to resuscitate it, with no success. At one point, I even zeroed the data (a nine hour process) and reinstalled everything from scratch, but still it runs slower than my trusty old graphite G4.

I've repaired permissions, used Drive Genius to repair and rebuild, and fsck tells me that the disk is ok. However, when I tried to defrag the disk (I know Apple claims you don't have to, but I'll try anything) a dialogue box appeared informing me that it had encountered a serious error and that I should repair and rebuild before attempting this again. Which I duly did. But with the same result.

What else can I try? Most diagnostic tests - Tech Tool, Disk utility etc. - seem to think that everything is hunky-dory. Which is far from the truth. A little help would be very much appreciated by both me and my increasingly anti-Mac wife.