Group Policies


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What kind of "domain controller" are you using? Are you using an Apple Xserve or just a plain OS X (plus what type of OS X are you using) machine (plus what type of machine and RAM specs, etc.)? You could have not been more obscure with your super short problem description.


Hi Satcomer

I am using w2003 server with all recommended specs. I am actually using Active directory and am just not sure how to create and apply group policies and be able to administer my network efficiently.


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What are you applying GPOs to? Are you trying to apply this to Macs or Windows PCs?

If it's the latter, I think you might be on the wrong site. Check out some sites for Windows administration. A Google search for that should come up with a bunch of results. If you are trying to do some stuff with Macs, you might want to head over to MacWindows ( for some tips on using GPO with Macs (if this is even possible).