Handycam Dsr-dvd403


Hi, a few days ago I bougth a Sony Handycam DSR-DVD403, but the problem I have is that it didn't come with a software for OS X, it only came with a software for Windows.
Can you recommend me some useful softwares for Mac OS X please?

Thanks in advance for everything

flam3boy's problem is slightly more complicated than iMovie alone can solve. His camera records on mini DVD which is not meant to be edited. This model does not allow streaming over its USB 2 connection. The mini DVDs should be playable on Macs with a tray-loading combo drive or SuperDrive. IIRC, DVD ripping software will convert the recorded video into an editable format.

Friends don't let friends buy mini DVD camcorders.
Ooh... yeah, good point -- I remember: I recently helped a woman with a Sony DV cam that recorded on tiny DVD discs. When we copied the files off of the camera's disc, they were "multiplexed" files, meaning the sound and video were stored on the same track in the movie. iMovie did not like these one bit...