Happy Mac on startup, then restart


I have the os x cd, a pure copy from the original. i tried to startup from it, but it would just show the disk with the questionmark, then a happy mac, then it would restart. Sometimes, it would display a white screen with the repeating text "no bootable HFS partition" or "can't OPEN:" anyone know what's wrong?
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I have the os x cd, a pure copy from the original."no bootable HFS partition" or "can't OPEN:" anyone know what's wrong?

The copy is simply not good. The CD probably cannot find a blessed system folder. It is best to use toast as your burn application. For the rest i don't know much on burning.

I assume the disk is for personal use only so why do you not use your original disk ;)

My Mac does exactly the same thing as yours and I've got the original CD to install with. You're not alone with this.

Beige G3/266Mhz -> 300Mhz
2x4GB HDs (both IDE and on separate buses)
Original Rage Pro graphics chipset
MacOS 8.1
I think that there is not way to start really from the CD but if you launch the installation script you can install and start with your OsX CD
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nope, doesn't work, either

Sorry guys, but i've tried everything I could to get it to run on a Beige G3, and it just won't install. I know quite a bit about the machines, and no liuck, so I gave up. I'm now just waiting for Apples next move, hopefully they will release a patch or update of some sort that will fix this problem. I know a lot of people sent them reports of the problem.
My configuration is:
PwMac 7500/400 G3
176 MB Ram
USB 12 Mb pci card
Quantum SCSI2 Hd 2GB
Plextor U40TX CDrom*
Yamaha 4/4/16 CD recorder (external SCSI)
Ati Rage128 PCI graphic card.*
Macintosh internal 2MB Video Chip
Macintosh AV card with RCA Audio I/O and Video in.
Mitsubishi diamondtron 720 pro 17"
I cannot start MacOS X with the selected things because:
1> MacOS X is only a beta
2> MacOS X does not support two or more graphics cards.
3> MacOS X only works with MacOS compatibles devices.
4> I love? Apple but apple does not loves their users.

4> I love? Apple but apple does not loves their users.

Relax, it's just a beta. It's ony for testing, not personal use yet. The shipping version will be much more compatable. There are plenty of issues that I learned of after making my post. For instance if you drive is a IDE, and it is bigger than 8GB you need to make a partition that is less than 8GB, and make sure it's the master drive , not a slave. If you are using SCSI, which I am, you have to make sure it is terminated correctly. I use SoftRAID, so that is one of my problems, and I'm also using a DVD personality card, which was rare on the Beige G3. If you guys are still having problems, there is a good article on how to get OS X up and running in Mac Addict Magazine this month. Get a copy and give it a whirl, and see if you still can't get it to work. Most importantly try to remeber that it's just a beta, and beta's are not for every day use, they're just for testing.
I can install MacOS X into my computer, but...
Only with internal video (I have a 7500 machine)
and the original CD device.
Today I discovered in Newertech's page the real solution for the 2nd Level Cache in G3 procesors upgrades.
There is a driver for MacOS X (http://www.newertech.com or http://www.newertech.com/software/softwarereg.html):-)
but I think that it's only for MaxPWR users. :-/
I also have a little trouble with MacOS X: there is not sound output in my machine... sniff!!!
I haven't Internet conexion because "X" don't recognizes
my serial ports and finally I cannot use with my printer.
Oh god!

I know, of course, that it's only a beta but I payd for this to have a minimal response.
I want to use my Apple machine with this "OS" because I love this way of life, but I am a musicien and I'm worryed
because my computer is too old. I need sound outputs.

I hope, from Apple all the solutions for ours MAComputers.