Hard drive upgrade problems.


Recently, my hard drive crashed on my Mac, so i went to replace it. I got a 120gig hard drive and installed it, set the jumpers correctly (even tried a few different ways), and when i run the install wizard with mac osx, it does not see the hard drive. I even tested a 20gig hard drive thinking maybe it didn't support larger hard drives. I replaced the hard drive with the same exact brand and type of hard drive, just went from an 80 to a 120. It is a Power Mac G4 desktop. After rebooting a few tiems and trying a few different jumper settings, now i can't even boot from the cd drive anymore to even get into the setup. I have no idea what happend. Could it be a system board problem? BTW, the floppy and cd drive share a cable, and the hard drive is on its own. I thought maybe the ata port was bad on the mother board, so i got one of those ata expansion pci cards, but that didn't seem to work either, especially since the os isn't installed for me to install the drivers. If someone could please help me out with this issue or have any suggestions, i'd highly appreciate it. I just don't see why all of a sudden the CD won't boot up. When i do boot up, i just get the mac and the question mark. I dred the question mark....
What exact model of Macintosh do you have? What version of OS X are you trying to install? Did you format the drive before trying to install OS X using Disk Utility?

Please elaborate on your system setup... "The hard drive doesn't appear when trying to install" is pretty vague, so we have to do a lot of guessing to even try to troubleshoot the problem...

For what it's worth, if the 120GB drive is the only drive on that particular ATA bus, it should be jumpered as "Master", unless you own a MDD G4 model, in which case it should be jumpered "CS" or "Cable Select." When you boot from the OS X Install CD, instead of trying to install the OS when it asks you to select a language, select "Disk Utility" from the "Installer" menu and see if the hard drive appears there -- and, if need be, format it.