Hardcore upgrade question


wow, 1.4g is way faster!
i have a da 466 g4. i want to upgrade the cpu. macsales has a 1ghz for $200, but ebay has several apple takeouts from time to time for alot less. research has found that i can use a g4 from a qs with a simple rewire. but as far as using a mdd g4, all i found was one post on some old thread at xlr8yourmac that a mdd just will not work in a da. i want to know if this is true, and why? a detailed reason would be great, whitepaper like thing, but some web site to look at would work too. i don't have alot of money, but could spend the $200, and if i can get faster, or better yet dual, from ebay for the same price, i'd like too. so can someone here point me in the right direction? thanks.

ps, i would post at xlr8yourmac, but they aren't letting anybody register. :(
Sorry I can't answer your question but I've done a similar upgrade. I had a gigabit ethernet G4 400 mhz upgraded to a 1 Ghz G4 from Giga. It runs pretty well but it's a little noisier with an extra fan on the processor.

What is a MDD G4?

Some processing may not benefit with the upgrade. Some sorting features using filemaker was slower on the upgraded processor Powermac. I don't know which applications you use most often.
MDD = "Mirrored Disk Drives". It's the last incarnation of the G4 tower machine -- shiny, dual optical drives up front, hence the name.

I, personally, wouldn't go with anything off of eBay -- you just never know. Purchasing from a retailer or direct from the company is the best bet, since you'll get a guaranteed warranty and service should something go wrong.

I see that 1.0GHz is right around $200 from several companies like you said, including Macsales (OWComputing), which I would highly recommend.