Has Anyone Looked At The macTV Show 'vidcast'


its available via itunes.

i just downloaded an episode - its around 3minutes (29mb) long and i've been totally blown away by the quality of the video.

when i launched it on my 21" screen, to my surprise, the window that popped up takes up nearly all of the screen - and the clarity is amazing...

though the actual content leaves a lot to be desired!...
You know, podcasting seems to be getting cooler and cooler. This is the first time I actually seen the video feature of iTunes in use. (I had honestly forgot about it) I really love to see other neat things like a Mac gaming video Podcast. Since Mac games are a little rare it have to be just a once a week thing but I still think it be entertaining to watch.
Can't get the video podcast to run on my iTunes V4.9

Is it a Mac only feature because I'm running Windows currently?
...it could be a QuickTime 7-only thing... do you have the public beta of QuickTime 7 installed on your Windows machine?
:mad: Apple's not playing with windows boxes when it comes to quicktime 7 - no beta!

Enjoy H.264 boys and girls! I'll be joining you in a few weeks!
Captain Code said:
Search for mactv in podcasts and you'll find it.
My search returned no results, looked through all the channels, no result there either, would it be because of not having the music store in Australia yet?
Don't know if it supports h.264, though...

Yes, it does. It shouldn't be too long now before Apple gtes QuickTime 7 for Windows released.

Its good to see that the podcasting feature of iTunes extends just as easily to video, meaning we can subscribe to TV shows and other content without much hassle.
I went back to the quicktime site this morning and found the link your talking about, but I swear it wasn't there yesterday!

Haven't checked out the show yet, but I will. I didn't realize there were video podcasts. The word "podcast" gets dumber and less fitting by the day. ;) Thanks for the heads-up.

For those of you looking for the videocast on iTunes, yes, we did get pulled. I'm working on getting us back on there ASAP though.

I'm Asif, the dude behind the whole thing. If you have any comments or suggestions, just PM me or something. I'm always listening ;)

Those of you who wish to subscribe with iTunes, it still is possible. Just follow the simple instructions on the link below.


Hope you guys are enjoying the videocast!

I haven a comment for ya. To say it simply, your podcast is one of the coolest out there. Getting to see great quality footage on anything from TV Ads to new hardware is pretty dang awesome.

Edit: I just watched the Might Mouse movie. The mouse is pretty neat and I'm happy with how the right and left clicking works. The ball seems to need fixing though.