Having been weaned of Classic...


Last week my Classic started to get very buggy. I'm a fan of X, but I'd been doing all my usual stuff in Classic. You know, surfing the internet, reading e-mail, connecting to my LAN, etc. X was a cool novelty. Well, when Classic stopped opening applications (they open and quit automatically and almost instantaneously) I had to abandon X and restart using 9.1. That worked for a few days until it would freeze upon startup with the extensions on. I ran TechTool and found nothing wrong with the system, and no major glitches anywhere else.

So now I've decided to live in an X world just to try it out for size. I *loathe* the inane e-mail program that X came with (Where are you, Eudora, when I need you?!?!) and I can't stand (!!!!) that frustratingly ubiquitous program iTunes, and yet here I am, listening to Tool on iTunes while e-mailing from the Mail client. I'm surfing with Omniweb and using the Beta version of AIM. I've got the dock all tweaked out and that transparent clock is ticking away the seconds...

You know what? Apple is really on to something here. This new operating environment is beautiful. It's wonderful when you unlearn what you have learned...allow yourself to give it a true shot and it will respond en force, and probably surprise you. It's a nice, clean OS with tons of cool features, especially in the Dock. I've come to realize this since I was forced to cease using Classic altogether.

I am biting my nails in anticipation for the native version of Eudora (not a big fan of beta versions, myself, especially when it comes to e-mail) and I'm waiting (possibly in vain, if you pay attention to the conventional wisdom) for the native Soundjam and until then, I'm having a good time.

Try it. You'll like it.

What kind of MAC are you running X on? If you are running it on the one in your sig (the imac), how does that work out (speed and performance wise)?
I don't know about him, of course, but I am running OS 10.0.2 on a iMac DV 400 with only 192 MB of ram, and I have had no speed problems to note. Classic does take a while to start, when I actually start it, but my other apps usually take no more than a few seconds to open. Once open, I have not noticed any delays, even when running SoundJam, Mail OmniWeb, IE, and various other small apps simultaneously. On the other hand, I have heard tell of people with faster computers than mine who are getting horrid performance. I don't know what the difference is.

BTW. Although I don't use it anymore, I don't recall having any significant problems with Eudora on OS X